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Consulting Expand Overseas

We support all operations of Japanese companies expanding overseas, and provide optimal solutions to solve various problems faced by overseas expansion.


Our services include:


・Research on markets and industries in the countries where you plan to expand

・ Legal and regulatory investigations

・ Risk identification and countermeasure planning

・ Consumer survey

・ Formulation of business strategies

・ Local negotiation support

・ Selection of partner companies

・ Local sales support

・ Global human resources development support


When Japanese companies plan to expand overseas, they face various challenges. There are a wide range of issues to be addressed, from entering the market, establishing local subsidiaries, building strategic decisions, and outsourcing to optimize and streamline operations. However, it is extremely difficult to proceed without the experience and know-how of overseas expansion.

We will provide accurate support to lead your overseas business to success in order to respond to an environment different from Japan.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Fax : (852) 2310 2990
E-mail :

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