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Privacy Policy

Ariken Biotech Japan Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd respects the privacy of our customers and strives to protect personal information based on the following policy.

1. Acquisition of personal information

We will acquire personal information by legal and fair means for the purpose of carrying out the business entrusted to us.

2. Use of personal information

Regarding the personal information acquired in conducting the business, we don't use the personal information of the customer beyond the scope necessary for the achievement of the business, unless we have the prior consent of the customer or if permitted by law.

3. Provision of personal information to a third party

Personal information will not be provided to third parties unless the following exceptions apply.


・ When the provision to a third party is required by law, such as an inquiry from a public institution based on the law.

・ When the person consents to the provision in advance.

・ When subcontracting a part of the business to a third party to meet the service and customer requirements.

・ When sharing within a group company to provide services that are internally or valuable to customers.

・ When there are other justifiable reasons for business execution.

4. Retention period of personal information

We retain your personal information for as long as it may be necessary to achieve the purposes we collect, including legal, accounting and auditing purposes.

5. Management of personal information

We will manage the acquired personal information appropriately as follows.

・ Prevention of unauthorized access, falsification, leakage, loss, and damage from third parties.

・ Employee education and contract supervision for personal information protection.

・ Maintain and strengthen the management system.

6. Disclosure / correction / suspension / deletion of personal information

If the customer wishes to notify, disclose, correct, suspend the use, etc. of the purpose of use of personal information, we will promptly respond in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations after confirming the identity.

We will review and improve this policy as necessary, taking into account the opinions of our customers and due to changes in laws and regulations.

If this policy is revised, we will notify you by posting it on our website.

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