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Support for construction of
hygiene management systems

We work with you to help make food safety routine throughout your entire operation.


We help our customers monitoring the process, identifying monitoring points and train the manpower to meet the quality standard. We conduct trainings on HACCP awareness, ISO22000 awareness and Food Safety and Hygiene training for food handlers and supervisors. We tailor-made appropriate Food Safety Management System Program for specific clients to enhance food safety standard, reduce wastage of raw materials and more effective use of resources, according to government requirement.



Our services included:


1.  Conducting regular training programs for staff on food, environmental and personal hygiene.

2.  Conducting third party laboratory tests for food samples.

3.  Conducting 2nd party Audit

4.  Conducting On-Site Hygiene Inspection based on Food Safety and HACCP Principles

5.  Food safety & quality monitoring of

 •  Site requirement – environment

 •  Facilities – outside of building / factory

 •  Food storage area

 •  Food handling area – food processing area

 •  Non-food processing area / tools washing area

 •  Chemicals management

 •  Staff facilities

 •  Pest preventive facilities

 •  Defrosting / washing / food preparation

 •  Cooling practice

 •  Heating process

 •  Ambient Temp food / transportation

 •  Frozen / cold food handling / transportation

 •  Maintenance, condition & application

 •  Food storage and transport

 •  Food handling process

 •  Management system – food safety and quality

 •  Personnel training

 •  Personnel hygiene

 •  Materials storage

 •  On-site temperature measurement / verification

 •  Pest control management

 •  Hygiene and housekeeping management

 •  Glass policy

 •  Ingredients foreign body control policy

 •  Control of Brittle Materials

 •  Critical Control Point Checking

 •  Supplier evaluation

 •  Chain of outlets hygiene practice and maintenance 

6.  Prepare custom –made Hygiene Manual as per clients’ requirement

7.  Prepare training materials for staff (e.g. Hygiene manual videos as per clients’ need)

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Fax : (852) 2310 2990
E-mail :

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