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The Ariken is a comprehensive testing institution with laboratories that have obtained clinical and microbiological certifications in Japan and overseas.

We provide services to support “creating a safe and secure environment” for people in a wide range of food-related industries, such as the food and beverage industry, hotels, schools, and other public facilities.

As society diversifies, people who manage hygiene may have been facing many hardships and various risks never experienced before.

 Those who are expanding overseas, especially in Asia, feel that they are having difficulties dealing with different climates, cultures, languages and laws.

To manage the risk properly, we require a lot of time and money, as well as professional knowledge and experience-based planning and execution.

However, sampling inspections are complicated because we require a lot of things such as specialized international qualifications, equipment, and inspection techniques and moreover approval qualifications and abundant overseas experience. Because of the complexity, it often leads to risk management compromises and non-proper inspections, and if you never done specific measures taken for long time, the current situations seemed to be very dangerous.



Especially overseas, it is essential to build a risk management system on the premise that human error will always occur, such as initial response in the event of a food accident, preparation of manuals, planned training, and creation of records.

We require comprehensive risk management not only measures centered on prevention.


In order to respond quickly and appropriately to the changes of this era, ambiguous responses based on old Japanese customs can further increase the risk.

You have a limit of the response in emergency as you manage the food hygiene in overseas with a part of your company.

There are limits to the hygiene management and emergency response by one of the department within the organization.


In order to respond various requirement, we, the Ariken, always support that you can maintain and execute your daily management work smoothly by our comprehensive services such as PCR, microbiological test, clinical examination, hygiene inspection for the kitchen and food factory, professional advices based on various overseas experiences.

武井暁郎 Akio Takei

Managing Director

Ariken Biotech Japan Testing Laboratory Co., Limited.

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